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Summer Application

Autumn/Winter Application




RENEW many lawns which we see have become tired over a period of time due to lack of proper maintenance or overuse. Some lawns also suffer extreme stress through shady conditions and due to bad weather. This programme has been specially developed for complete renovation and renewal of your lawn and is more cost effective than re-turfing. Using blended topdressing specially developed to improve the structure of your soil and aid rapid seed germination.



SCARIFICATION decaying organic matter can build up on the surface of turf, especially when grass clippings are returned to the ground. This produces a thick impermeable layer which reduces the air and water intake into the soil, subsequently producing a weak sward. The decaying matter is called 'thatch'. It produces a soft spongy surface. To remove thatch from your lawn we use a mechanical scarifier. This enables the soil to take in water and nutrients, it also helps to keep the lawn free from moss, broad leaf weeds and weed grasses.



AERATION is one of the most important tasks carried out on turf. Aeration means to get air into something. In turf it is simply the production of holes through the turf surface into the underlying soil to allow oxygen in and out of the soil and for water and grass roots to move down through the soil. We use a mechanical hollow tine aerator to complete this operation which removes multiple cores from the lawn to relieve soil compaction, aid thatch control and allow air and moisture into the soil profile.



OVERSEEDING is carried out using a machine which injects the seed into the soil at the optimum depth for germination, the overseeding operation is perfect for introducing better quality grasses into your lawn, and to repair the lawn after weeds and moss have been removed. Overseeding may also be completed by hand.



TOPDRESSING a number of materials can be applied to your lawn to solve turf problems including lawn sand, organic soil improver/conditioner, screened loam and silica sand. All of these products can be used in different situations and can be discussed during the lawn assessment. Bare patches, hollows and other repairs can also be quoted for.



GROWTH REGULATOR is one of the latest products in the professional turf manager armoury. Growth regulators reduce the frequency of mowing and the amount of grass clippings produced by reducing the horizontal top growth of grass. This in turn produces a thicker, healthier sward. One application of this product will cut down on mowing frequency by 50% and will last for between 4-6 weeks. Growth regulators can also be used in the management of areas which are difficult to mow, such as on sloping banks. Growth regulators also improve grass colour and appearance.



CONSERVE Wetting agents can be used if your lawn has become 'hydrophobic'. This term is used when water is unable to enter the root zone which then causes a dry patch. This then means that no matter how much water you apply to your lawn it will not find its way to the roots and will just run off. Wetting agents can also be effective in conserving a lawn that is suffering through drought stress by significantly reducing irrigation requirements.


Other services offered:  


Lawn mowing


Garden maintenance (weeding, pruning, hedge trimming etc.)


Total weed control.


Selective weed treatment. 


Control of moss and algae on hard surfaces (pathways, driveways and patios).


Control of invasive weeds including Japanese Knotweed, Giant Hogweed and Indian (Himalayen) Balsam. 


Control of other species including Birch, Brambles, Bracken,Broom, Dock, Gorse, Ragwort and Thistle.


Weed control contracts for industrial sites and highways.


Power washing of paths, patios and decking.












A slow release fertiliser including iron is applied in the spring to give the lawn a boost after the winter, aid root development and produce a thick, lush sward. This application will also kill any moss present in the lawn.

A controlled release granular fertiliser is applied to encourage a thick sward with an excellent green colour. An application of selective herbicide will also be made at this point to deal with all broadleaved weeds present in he lawn.

A controlled release, resin coated fertiliser is used at this time of the year. The special coating prevents a 'flush' from occurring and stops the product 'leaching' which means it will not be washed out by excessive rain fall and will give consistent growth throughout the period, whilst strengthening the lawn to fight disease and preparing the lawn for any mechanical works that will be undertaken. Any remaining weeds will also be treated.

Spring Application

Registered Address:17 Blackdown Road,Taunton, Somerset, TA2 8EY